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What is the Difference Between a Mobile Home and a Manufactured Home?

Many people become confused by the difference between a mobile home and manufactured homes. Many would be surprised to learn that a mobile home is actually a manufactured home. The reason people are confused by the terminology is that many in the real estate industry use the two terms interchangeably. However, mobile homes were typically constructed before 1976, when the Department of Housing and Urban Development, or HUD, implemented standards to ensure that the construction of mobile homes provided far more safety and endurance for the homeowner. Due to increased HUD standards in the mobile home manufacturing industry, homes that were built after 1976 are referred to in the industry as manufactured homes.

Manufactured homes are also often confused with modular homes. However, a modular home is a type of home that is partially constructed in two or more pieces at a plant. These pieces are then shipped to the land that the homeowner will erect the house upon. The pieces of these homes are joined together, and they are secured upon a permanent foundation. In this way, modular homes are very similar to stick homes, or the traditional homes that most think of. However, manufactured homes are completely constructed at a plant. Then, these homes are wheeled to a lot that the homeowner owns. The foundation that a manufactured home isn’t permanent. This is key because just like a mobile home, a manufactured home can be moved from one location to another.

Another reason modern manufactured homes are referred to as such is that industry dealers and salespeople want to remove the stigma that came with the old fashioned mobile homes. For example, many people will turn their noses up at the thought of living in a mobile home, because they think of poor quality mobile homes that used to be called trailers. Trailers have the reputation for being rusty, dirty, crumbled and for housing people who are labeled as poor lowlifes. Not only this, but old-fashioned trailers and mobile homes could be easily destroyed during natural disasters.

Today’s manufactured homes are very different from the old-fashioned trailers and mobile homes. First, their structure is overseen by HUD, which is a federal agency. These homes are designed to withstand natural disasters, so that the home and the inhabitants aren’t destroyed. Second, the design of these homes can rival any stick home constructed in any sub-division. In fact, it’s not uncommon for manufactured home owners to have concrete stairs that lead to the porch of these homes. The porches feature wooden banisters and generous space. The siding of manufactured homes rivals the siding placed on any stick home.

Many people gravitate towards manufactured homes, because they feel that they gain so much space and comfort for their money. For example, modern manufactured homes have generous kitchen space, with completely modern amenities. Many manufactured homes feature built-in amenities such as stereos, microwaves, kitchen islands and more. It’s not uncommon to purchase a pre-furnished home either. Beyond gaining completely new and modern amenities, homeowners love the fact that they can live in a three, four, or five-bedroom home with multiple bathrooms for almost half the price of a reasonably priced stick home.

If all of these factors weren’t enough, the homeowner can include extra features, such as landscaping in the front and in the back of the home. If a homeowner knows that they will move around quite frequently, they will never have to worry about looking for the perfect home again. They will simply need to purchase the lot of land that they would like to settle down on. Since there are many lots around the country to consider, there are many choices of places to live for those who own manufactured homes.