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What is a Manufactured Home?

What are Manufactured Homes?

The manufactured homes are houses entirely built in a factory. Then they are transported to a site that the owner rents or owns. Some assembly at the site might be required, but this is minimal compared to a house built entirely on site. A house built on a site is constructed from the ground up without any part of it being put together in a factory.

Various Styles

There are various styles of these homes. Some are single-wide dwellings, while others are double-wide versions. The double-wide ones have a surprising amount of room in them. Every inch of a manufactured home is utilized. If it is not a living area, then it is storage of some sort.

Steel Frames

The manufactured homes are built on steel frames that are the foundations for these homes. There can be wheels attached to these frames so that they can be transported to their final destination. Then a skirting is placed around the base of the house to cover up the framework and make the house look more attractive.

Size, Features and Floor Plans

There are various floor plans and features offered for these manufactured homes. They come with bedrooms, kitchens, dining rooms, living rooms, and even utility rooms. The size of them can range from a modest 900 square feet to a quite roomy 2500 square feet. Each one can be altered with a person’s own personal preferences such as color, carpet and so on.

Just like with the houses that are built on site rather than manufactured, various features can be added. Custom cabinets in the kitchen, whirlpool tubs in the bathrooms and so on can be asked for by the purchaser. Even the color and type of siding can be selected when these homes are being ordered.


Since the construction all take place in the factory, every part can be fit together perfectly before these homes are sold. Some brands have a reputation of holding up with fewer problems than other brands, so it pays for people to shop around.

Parcel of Land

Once one of these homes is built and purchased, it has to be moved to a parcel of land. Now some areas of the country do not allow these homes on just any size of lot. Some locales specify a lot of say 3 to 5 acres for them. Anyone interested in these homes needs to know the local laws on this before getting one.

Check Local and Federal Codes

The manufactured homes no matter what style they are have to be built according to not only local codes but federal codes. HUD has very specific guidelines governing how these homes should be constructed. Anyone buying one of these homes needs to know these codes. It will help them choose a quality one.


The cost for the manufactured homes is much lower than and the home built on-site. This is part of what draws people to buy them. Of course, when budgeting for one a person has to figure in the cost of the land it will be placed. This will add up to the total cost of the home. Financing is available through the places that sell these homes.

The manufactured homes are an ideal investment for those who cannot yet afford a more expensive home. There are parks for these homes where people can rent a lot and sometimes lease or lease purchase the home if need be. Many options are available in these homes that people can look into online and locally.