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What Should I Consider When Looking into Manufactured Homes to Buy?

If you’re looking into manufactured homes, one of your very first questions needs to be “what should I consider?” The question of “what should I consider” is even more important than “what can I afford?” The reason? Well, just because you can afford rubbish doesn’t mean that you should want to own it. Not all manufactured homes are equal, and when you find a prospective house in the price range that you can afford the last thing you want to do is just throw your money out the window (bad pun intended).

The first answer to your question of “what should I consider when looking into manufactured homes” is to figure out how much of a home you actually need. Single-section manufactured homes are built from one unit, whereas multi-section manufactured homes, as the name implies, are built from at least two different units joined together. Each provider of manufactured homes will have some sales brochures that should describe for you the various floor plans and sizes that they offer in both models. However, keep in mind that neither single-section nor multi-section homes are inherently superior. Each type is known to tend to have particular problems.

* Single-section homes tend to have problems with doors, windows, roofing, and flooring.

* Multi-section homes tend to have problems with regards to the joinings of their different sections.

The larger the manufactured home you want, the more it will cost. So even though your very first consideration does indeed need to be budget, you really can’t figure out a budge until you know how much home space you desire and need. Once you have this figured out from looking over the specs and dimensions for different models of homes, then you can look at the prices and figure out a budge range.

Next On the “What Should I Consider?” List: Location, Location, Location

Once you know what size and floor plan of house you believe you want and you have found some models of manufactured homes that fit within your budgetary range, you have to consider where you want to put it. Do you want to own or rent the land upon which the house will be erected? It is advisable for you to have the manufactured home erected on a permanent foundation; you’ll have more financing options and your home’s value stands a far greater chance of appreciating. When you’re selecting the location, carefully check out restrictive covenants and zoning laws that may impinge upon your ability to get your manufactured home set up the way you want and in a neighborhood of your choice. And if you are renting the land, carefully check out any restrictions upon your rights as a land-renter. Some of the rules and regulations under some landlords for land-renters are very burdensome.

“What Should I Consider Next?” Try To Avoid Plumbing, Window, and Flooring Problems

Do not even think about cutting corners cost-wise on your plumbing fixtures and system. You are most likely to experience problems in this area as the owner of a manufactured home. You might need to ask for an upgrade in what the house provider is offering along these lines. Needless to say, this will increase your price, but it’s well worth it. The money that you’ll save on future plumbing work is far more than what you’ll have to pay up front for quality. Furthermore, you don’t want to go through that burden of dealing with those problems anyway. Make sure that you get a shut-off valve at every single one of the plumbing fixtures in the home, too.

Also get the highest possible quality windows and floors for your home. For windows, choose welded frames with double or even triple paned glass. When it comes to your sub-flooring, don’t accept particleboard. Demand plywood, and request larger joists with small spaces in between so that wetness and changing weather cannot so easily damage your floor.

Maybe you never thought that answering the question of “what should I consider?” when looking into manufactured homes would be so complex. But now, you know what to think about.